OptiRoutes Planning multi-stop routes.
Optimal distribution!

Automated planning of distribution routes with significant savings in money, time and customer service. From now on, everything is automatically accurate and efficient!

Route planning

OptiRoutes plans the fastest and most efficient route for the driver according to customers' addresses. The calculation is done automatically in seconds and presented to the driver with maximum efficiency. You can see in real time where the drivers are and which stops they have already passed on the route.

Control efficiency

Don't know where the drivers are? How much they spent on fuel? How much money they charged the customers? OptiRoutes also allows you to track the driver's actions, such as when and how much they refuel, and the rest of their agenda.

Improving service

OptiRoutes automatically sends the customer a message with a link showing where the driver is and details such as name and phone number, thus avoiding unwanted waiting hours without knowing when the shipment will arrive.

Is your distribution process efficient?

A distribution process requires early planning of the routes according to geographical proximity, priorities and other variables such as weight, volume and more.
The problem: There are billions of options in the design and layout of distribution routes. Human trajectory planning can significantly increase the vehicle mileage and hours of driver work, relative to optimal design by computer software according to updated geographical information and road traffic.
Optimal design will increase the profitability of the organization by reducing the distance driven per vehicle, travel time and fuel, as well as allowing better control and better customer service.
OptiRoutes™  offers a smart, easy-to-access solution for the distribution manager, driver and customer.

Why do you need


To save money

OptiRoutes OptiRoutes ™ Optimal Routing Planning can increase the company's profitability by reducing the amount of km per vehicle, travel time and fuel.


To streamline the work

OptiRoutes OptiRoutes optimize employee time, solve problems and maximize work time.
time is money :)


To save on travel costs

Opti-Routes OptiRoutes arranges the routes most properly and thus saves drivers fuel


So you have control over the business

Opti-Routes OptiRoutes shows you how much money the drivers have taken from customers, where each driver is at any given moment and which stations have already passed the route.


To improve service

Opti-Routes OptiRoutes gives the customer information where the driver is at any moment on the day of delivery, preventing him from unnecessary waiting hours.


To save time

Opti-Routes OptiRoutes arranges the fastest route based on customer addresses, a huge saving on time.